Quick Tips for Optometrists

Simple ways to manage your ratings and reviews.

Removing Reviews

Some reviews can be disputed and removed if they violate guidelines.

While each review site is different, they all have guidelines for acceptable reviews. For example, fake, spam, or offensive reviews are typically prohibited. If you would like a review removed, read the guidelines for that site and follow their flagging or dispute process.

For example, here are the prohibited content for Google reviews. You can flag such Google reviews for removal by following their procedure. However, the success rate for removal is not high unless the review clearly violates guidelines.

Responding to Reviews

Review sites typically let you reply to reviews, but this should be done with caution.

Replying to negative reviews can be helpful because it shows others that you care, and are willing to follow-up to satisfy your patients. Most review sites allow replies after you have claimed your review profile and verified you are the owner.

We recommend that you use positive and friendly language, and avoid sounding defensive. Asking the reviewer to contact you so that you can learn more about and resolve the situation is a good general approach.

Caution: Optometrists have a higher duty of care for protecting patient information than most other businesses. Never publish any health information of a reviewer, such as mentioning the products or services they received. Even verifying that a reviewer was a patient may disclose their private health information. For more details, please refer to your professional association’s guidelines.

Your Rating Report

Your rating dashboard includes your rating analysis, and a 50% GCOMM discount for rating improvement.

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