A Quick Guide to Maximizing Reviews for Administrative Staff

Simply Give Them a Card.

You don’t need to worry about if the patient is happy or not, because the software only directs the happiest patients to leave public reviews.

3 Ways to Get Reviews

Only 1 in 300 patients (0.3 percent) leave a review for typical optometry practices. The below methods increase review rates by 5 to 25 times, while increasing review quality.

Hand them a card.

The most effective way is to personally hand a card to patients at the end of their visit, and to say “I would really appreciate your feedback on your visit today.” Ten to twenty percent of patients will participate when asked directly like this.

Attach card to paperwork.

Use a paperclip to attach a card to each patient’s paperwork before you hand it over. While less effective than personally asking (five to ten percent participation), this method can work best for busy offices.

Send it electronically.

Your custom review link can be sent by email or text message (SMS) as part of your standard patient follow-up. The direct link takes patients directly to the rating screen, bypassing the code entry screen. Your direct link is:
(replace "YourCode" with the code found on your card)

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is RatingProtect HIPAA / PHIPA compliant?
    Yes. RatingProtect does not collect any personally-identifying or medical information about your patients.
  • Is it compliant with review sites?
    Yes. RatingProtect makes it easier for people to leave review on the major review sites, but does not incentivize them in any way (which is generally prohibited).

  • What information is collected and stored?
    We store basic information about visitors and the rating they give (such as visit time and IP address), but not the identity of reviewers.

  • How can we encourage public reviews?
    Between 25% and 50% of those who leave a private rating will also leave a public review. The best way to increase this rate is to tell people how much public reviews help and encourage you, and that their reviews are sincerely appreciated.

  • Will I be notified of new public reviews?
    Possibly. Google will email you about new reviews if you have claimed your Google Business profile. Other review sites may or may not, depending on settings and if you have claimed them. We email you every time someone leaves a rating on RatingProtect.

  • Can I direct people to specific review sites?
    Yes. If you want to focus on a specific review site, we can make that the only pubic review option, or we can make it first in the list of several options. Please contact us to change these options.

  • Will people see my existing negative reviews?
    No. RatingProtect uses special links to send your patients directly to the “leave a review” page on each review site. Review sites don’t display other reviews on that page to avoid biasing the new reviews.
  • What if I run out of review cards?
    We will send you more cards at our significantly reduced re-order rate, which can be used until your account period expires.

How Fast can Ratings be Improved?

Dr. Laidlaw: “We got 580% more 5-star reviews after using Rating Protect in our existing practice, which increased our Google rating from 4.0 to 4.8. So I also got it for our three new offices to get a head start and protect against negative reviews.

A Toronto optometrist went from 2.7 stars on Google to 4.3 stars within 2 months (gaining 20 new 5-star reviews), and rose further to 4.5 after 3 additional months. In the same period, Yelp and RateMDs ratings increased by 17% and 25%, respectively.