How RatingProtect Works for Optometrists

Step 1

Desk staff hands feedback cards to patients when they complete their visit, or attach it to their paperwork.

Step 2

Patients use the code on the card to privately rate their visit on their smartphone, with no app or special software required.

Step 3

RatingProtect identifies your happiest patients, and directs them to leave a public online review. Less happy patients are direct to leave private feedback which is emailed only to you.

How Fast can Ratings be Improved?

Dr. Laidlaw: “We got 580% more 5-star reviews after using Rating Protect in our existing practice, which increased our Google rating from 4.0 to 4.8. So I also got it for our three new offices to get a head start and protect against negative reviews.

A Toronto optometrist went from 2.7 stars on Google to 4.3 stars within 2 months (gaining 20 new 5-star reviews), and rose further to 4.5 after 3 additional months. In the same period, Yelp and RateMDs ratings increased by 17% and 25%, respectively.